Saturday, April 27, 2013

To Do Applications

For quite some time I have been trying out different to do applications that will integrate with my Android phone and Ubuntu computer. Before I had a smart phone I loved Emacs OrgMode. However I recently switched to vim.

I tried Remember The Milk and Toodeldo. Both are very good apps. I use a form of GTD and their are several guides to use these apps as a GTD system. However I found myself spending more time setting up to do items then I would have liked. I guess my impatience got the best of me.

Since I use so many Google services GTasks seems liked an obvious next choice. I like that I can create different lists. I have a  personal-actions lists, school-action lists,work-action lists, reference. and tickler file. This is my modified GTD system. I also like the easy integration with Google calendar. Gtasks does not have an overwhelming amount of features, which I kind of like. However I continue to look at different to do apps in case their is a real jem out their i am missing.

Lately I have been trying out an app on my Android phone called Catch. You can have up to 5 spaces(notebooks/lists) for your free account and sync your to do list online. You can add more space if you go Pro. Some of the features I like is the ability to take notes via notes – obviously, checklists, audio notes, and pictures. Also Catch is a collaborative note application. You can share your space with anyone who has a Catch account – and even if they don’t you can invite them via e-mail.This is great for collaborating on projects.

Another app i really like is Evernote. Packed full of features it is very useful. I use it to take photos of brainstorming sessions off grease boards at work or school. By the time I am back at home the picture is there waiting. I also use it to clip things off the web.  Evernote has a set of organizational tools: tags, notebooks, and stacks. It has a ton of features. I use it a lot but not as a to do application. I need something a little simpler to get my to do tasks down quick. Maybe if I buckled down and got through the learning curve of some of these feature rich apps I would love them as to do apps.

When Google Keep came  out I was excited. I like the less is more approach. Too simple, maybe. I know, I know I am a  paradoxical creature. I am anxious to use it for a little while and see how it fits in my work flow. I have started using it for some of the things I used Evernote for, like taking pictures related to my to do items.

Just today I started using Taskwarrior on my Ubuntu box. I really like this app. I have a certain fondness for command line apps. I was pleasantly surprised at the features available. A quick read of the tutorial and I was up and going. They have a thirty second tutorial and a more detailed tutorial. It has features that allow a GTD type system to be used. Only problem with Taskwarrior is no Android app. However their is hope on the horizon. I read on the Taskwarrior site their is an Android app being developed. They are looking for Android developers to help with development. If this sounds interesting to you please check it out.

Please let me know what you use?


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spending more time setting up to do items then I would of liked.

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